This may seem like a weird service but it is one of the hardest services on us and tons of people have used it over the years. If you have ever bought a house, sometimes people leave the piano. Pianos are super hard to move and probably the most fragile item on the planet. That is exactly why we have a whole service dedicated to moving them. Some people just choose to leave the piano behind, but they probably have never worked with a moving company that has wanted to or offered to move pianos. Our staff has been training over the years to make sure that we can fully offer a service to move pianos. We like to call this interstate moving at our company because of how far we have to move them. Some people have used their pianos over and over and can’t live without one. It is expected and we know how important they are. 

Upright Pianos

That is exactly why we have special trucks that are fully dedicated to moving pianos. It may seem like an impossible task but we have actually been moving pianos for our clients for years now and it has gotten easier on us. Our staff works all of the time to make sure that we can fully offer the service and move them without any doubt of breaking them. If you have a piano and were planning to buy a new one at your new house, please think again. Our company is ready to help you save a ton of money and let you keep the same piano that you are used to. Our trained staff is on call ready to move your amazing instrument in one piece to your next home. With all of our experience, it has really helped us to eliminate any doubt of moving your piano. They’re huge and really expensive so we spend more time on them than anything else in your home. There is no reason to have to buy a new one.